One of Ki Masters at Vital Ki Energy of Jungshim is a gifted healer and intuitive filled with wisdom beyond one's years. If you are need of physical, emotional and/or spiritual healing, you have come to the right place! Ki Master has a unique ability to deliver the exact message you need to hear at exactly the right time through healing, breathing sound vibration and spiritual uplifting information.” 
A.W. (Jan. 2010)

Q&A-Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect to feel after a Vital Ki Energy Healing?

People can experience different effects, but generally most people feel lighter, clear headed and more positive and bright. Tiredness, pain, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and digestive problems are greatly relieved and in some cases completely disappear after a course of the Healing sessions.

Can I receive a Healing session while on medication or other treatments?
Yes, the Healing session do not interfere with medication or other treatments, and in some cases may be complementary. Some medications can have toxic side effects and the Vital Ki Energy Healing can help to detoxify the body.

Is there a conflict between Vital Ki Energy Healing and other therapies?
There is usually no conflict between Vital Ki Energy Healing and other therapies. However, often times people find that Vital Ki Energy Healing can replace/combine with many of the other therapies they have been doing. Vital Ki Energy Healing works on the root of physical and emotional problems, and not only the symptoms.

Are there any side effects from a Healing session?
Not usually. However, as the Vital Ki Energy releases a lot of toxins and negative energy from the body, some people may feel temporarily unwell. People whose bodies are very toxic/blocked may experience a mild headache/fever, tiredness, sleepiness, or even a mild skin rash, which disappears in a day or two. We recommend drinking plenty of water after a Healing session to help flush out any toxins.

Are there any side effects from Vital Ki Energy Cultivation?
There are no side effects from Vital Ki Energy Cultivation as it is a natural healing method. However, as Vital Ki Energy opens up long-term energy blockages, a person may experience some pain or discomfort as the energy starts to move to areas previously blocked. Also, the Vital Ki Energy can tap into deeply held emotions that once surfaced may cause some discomfort as we may have to confront certain aspects of our personality that may contribute to ill health or disharmony in our lives. The meditation in the Vital Ki Energy Cultivation helps to overcome these emotional blockages.         

Can anyone do Vital Ki Energy Cultivation?
Vital Ki Energy Cultivation can be done by anyone of any age or physical condition. The movements are very slow and gentle, but require concentration and focus. It is not how well one does the movement that matters, but how much one is able to bring energy to the body. The movements are simply the means to carry energy into the body, but the mind is the vehicle that receives energy. When we direct the mind to a certain part of the body, all the energy gathers in that area.

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Scientific Research on Qi-therapy

Blood pressure, pain & psychological symptoms in the elderly.

Complementary Therapies in Medicine  Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 159–164, September 2003

Recently, we reported that Qi-therapy may be beneficial in reducing negative psychological symptoms and increasing melatonin levels, neutrophil function and natural killer cell cytotoxicity in young subjects. However, there is little scientific evidence of its efficacy in elderly subjects. Therefore, this study was designed to investigate the effects of Qi-therapy on anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain and blood pressure in elderly subjects. Ninety-four elderly subjects were randomly assigned to either Qi-therapy (n=47) or mimic therapy (n=47) groups. Both groups received a 10-min intervention period once using similar procedures. The Qi-therapy group exhibited greater reduction in anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain level and blood pressure compared to the placebo group; the difference in anxiety was significant (P=0.014). These results suggest that even a brief application of Qi-therapy may exert a positive psychological and physiological effect. However, further research is necessary in order to fully understand the long-term impact of Qi-therapy on psychological health and the cardiovascular system.


Psychoneuroimmunological effects of Qi-therapy: preliminary study on the changes of level of anxiety, mood, cortisol and melatonin and cellular function of neutrophil and natural killer cells.

Stress and Health
Volume 17Issue 1pages 17–24January 2001
Abstract: This preliminary study investigated the psychoneuroimmunological effects of Korean Qi-therapy (QT) on randomly divided placebo group (N = 10) and QT group (N = 10) via measuring the level of anxiety, mood, cortisol and melatonin, and the cellular function of neutrophil and NK cells. Although the basal levels of anxiety and mood were not different between the two groups, there were significant differences in group by time interaction in the anxiety level (5 min after intervention, Post I: changed by −23 per cent in QT group and −10 per cent in placebo; 1 hour after, Post II: −23 per cent, −8 per cent) and mood score (Post I: −34 per cent, −14 per cent; Post II: −55 per cent, −21 per cent). Melatonin levels also changed differently by intervention. In response to QT, melatonin levels increased after treatment but decreased in the control. For neutrophil response to intervention, superoxide generation was increased by QT but decreased by placebo (group by time interaction, p < 0.0001; changed by 36 per cent in the QT group and 8 per cent in the placebo group). There was a significant change in NK cell cytotoxicity in the QT group. The cytotoxicity increased (27 per cent compared to baseline) in the QT group but there were no changes in the placebo group (7 per cent). Our current observations suggest that Korean Qi-therapy may induce psychological stabilization, increase melatonin level and enhance cellular function of neutrophil and NK cell. Therefore Qi-therapy may be an effective complementary method for human health care and in the prevention of disease. Copyright © 2001 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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Effects of Emitted Qi on In Vitro Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxic Activity

The American Journal of Chinese Medicine

An International Journal of Comparative Medicine East and West Volume 29, Issue 01, 2001

 The present study investigated the effects of Korean Qi-therapy, ChunSoo Energy Healing, on natural killer (NK) cell cytotoxicity in vitro depending on Qi-treatment time and the types of cells treated. NK cell cytotoxicity was assayed by measuring LDH release from tumor target cells (K562 cell lines). NK activity was significantly increased by emitted-Qi treatment of 30 sec duration. Three and 5 minutes of Qi projection created the greatest increase in NK cell activity when mixtures of NK cells and K562 cells were treated (1.81 and 2.12 fold for 4 hr culture; 1.54 and 1.36 for 16 hr culture, respectively). NK cell activity increased significantly in Qi-treated K562 cells alone (1.13 fold, p < 0.05) compared to control. These results are consistent with in vivo Qi-therapy on humans and suggests that emitted-Qi has an acute stimulatory effect on NK cell activity. This study provides direct scientific support that Qi as such may positively affect human cellular immunity.

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Scientific Research on Vital Ki Energy Cultivation

  1. Higher blood oxygen levels, lower blood pressure, heart and respiration rates Kim & al. 1996
  2. Up to 50% boost to blood T-lymphocyte subsets Ryu & al. 1995a
  3. 60% higher activity of the immune system's natural killer cells Huh & al. 1996
  4. Faster immune response to infections Ryu & al. 1995b
  5. Releases beta-endorphin to the bloodstream Ryu & al. 1996
  6. Modulates the brain's alpha-wave activity Lee & al. 1997
  7. Reduces a wide range of psychological symptoms Lee & al. 1998
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