"I began seeing one of Ki Masters at Vital Ki Energy of Jungshim after having no luck with antidepressants and I had very limited energy. After the first Vital Ki Energy Healing session, I immediately began to feel better and more upbeat. The Ki Master has a great skill in making her clients feel comfortable and her nonjudgmental approach and welcoming smile helped me to get my energy back and my life back on track. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made and I urge everyone to try Chunsoo." G.M. (Jan. 2010)

Human & Ki Energy

Humans are basically made of three elements – spirit, body, and mind. 

One thing that makes humans to be “alive” is Ki energy.  

Ki energy exist in all creatures and the presence of Ki energy shows the vitality of Life. 

The existence of Ki energy is shown as aura in the body. 

Without Ki energy, we cannot have a life. 

It is like electricity in the car; without electricity, a car cannot function as it is intended.


Causes of Illness/sickness

In modern world, we still do not know what causes many illness and sickness; but, based on understanding of the construct of human being, Ki energy flow in body definitely influences the health of the body. 

Thus, imbalance of Ki    Energy flow is the cause of most of the physical illness and sickness. 

There are three key causes of imbalance of Ki energy in body:

1. Ki Blockage -- not able to let Ki energy flow through body freely due to stress, negative thoughts & feelings, etc.

2.   Ki Depletion – a result of lengthy Ki blockage leads to Ki depletion.

3.  Interference of departed spirit – departed spirit (s) from family line or ancestor interferes with Ki energy flow in descendants’ body as well as mind.


12 Step Vital Ki Energy Cultivation-Haneul 12 Jinbup

Photo by Mira Zaki

This is a mind and body cultivating
method using the Original Vital Ki Energy of Cosmos (Saeng Myung ui Won Ki), which is also called Divine Vital Ki Energy (Chun Ki), to restore the Divine Nature or the human’s Original Mind, and transform to a man of nature with a healthy body and a beautiful mind for living a happy life. 

The Divine Vital Ki Energy can increase the body's
immune system to fight back diseases and protect from illness, and at the same time, cleanse the body by eliminating the toxins, which we’ve been accumulated over the years through the foods we eat and the air we breathe, as well as purify the invisible mind and spirit to help restoring the goodness and beauty in Original State of Mind.  

As a result, we can rejuvenate the vitality in body, increase the body immune system, and maintain a good health as well as
transform the mind to be more joyful and peaceful.

Vital Ki Energy Healing-Cheon Soo

Chunsoo is literally translated as a “Heaven’s hand” and is a way to correct imbalance of body and mind and restore the health by transferring Original Divine Vital Ki
Energy to a recipient. 

Transferring Original Divine Vital Ki Energy is a work of Divinity, not as a work of trained master’s magical work. 

Photo by Mira Zaki

Divine Guardians (Shinjang-nims) uses a trained master’s body and mind as a tool to transfer Original Divine Vital Ki Energy through master’s hands. 

To illustrate the point, when a car was built, the battery was installed in the car, and that car battery will last long for a few years (e.g. 4-5 years).  Like a car battery, Original Divine Vital Ki Energy was given at birth and it will last long until a person dies. 

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