Spiritual Beliefs include the following:

1. Chunjon-nim is the creator of the Universe and exists as the greatest and highest entity in the Universe; hence, Chunjon-nim is the Universe, the Nature itself and the Source of All Life.

2. “Oneness with Chunjon-nim” is the basic belief based on the principle of “Chun-Ji-In” (literally meaning Heaven-Earth-Humanity).   The root of humanity is Heaven; a fragment of  Chunjon-nim (light) is descended onto Earth and joined with flesh, then become a human being; thus, Heaven, Earth, and Humanity are One with Chunjon-nim. 

3. Chunjon-nim’s teachings provide the Truth and Understanding of the principles of creation, the reality of invisible realms in Heaven and Earth, and the basic precepts for Human Beings to live their daily lives.

4.“Divine Vital Ki Energy” is the source of life and comes from Chunjon-nim; it is the impetus for transformation of mind and body.

5. “Reverting to the Original Nature” (known as Won Shim Hweh Gwee) is the main theme for spiritual self cultivation (known as Soo Haeng).   Restoring Original Nature (Divine Nature), which was endowed from Heaven when the human being was born on Earth, is the focal point of self-completion.   

 Practicing “Jungshim” (literally meaning righteous mind) in a daily life is the way to restore Original Nature in heart.  Jungshim means having a good mind, a compassionate mind, a beautiful mind, a self-sacrificing mind, and a mind of serving others.  

The Objectives of the Organization shall be:

1.  To Inspire people to foster a daily practice the organization’s belief and “Jungshim” (meaning: righteous mind), and to transform mind and body for building a Peaceful World.

2.  To Relieve sickness, preserve and protect health with the methods of Divine Ki Energy Cultivation and Healing using the mystical life force known as “Divine Vital Ki Energy”.

3. To Attain holistic health and a balanced, fulfilling life by increasing awareness and understanding of Mind, Body, and Spirit through spiritual uplifting guidance and information.

4. To Practice the spiritual rituals and ceremonies that honor “Chunjon-nim” (the greatest and highest entity in the Universe), Divinities in Heaven and Earth, and Ancestors.

5. To Help restore goodness of beings and building healthier communities throughout the world by promoting the teachings of Chunjon-nim and offering Vital Ki Energy Cultivation.

6. To Provide public service which will enhance the quality of lives and well being through Spiritual consultation, Community outreach programs, Providing information relating to Stress management, Self healing and wellness, and community Vital Ki Energy Healing.



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