“I have worked with Ki Masters at Vital Ki Energy of Jungshim for many times. Both Ki Masters Kim and Park are very unique in their dedication and approach to building and maintaining strong health. They are key partners to me in maintaining a vibrant high-energy lifestyle. Anyone who has is living with a chronic situation should consider working with these Ki Masters to balance it - or anyone who just seeks to feel brighter to better enjoy each day.” C.G. (Aug. 2009)

Vital Ki Energy of Jungshim is a 501( C )3 tax-exempt,
non-profit spiritual self cultivating association.

What we do:  We cultivate and purify the mind and body using Original Divine Vital Ki Energy (called Saeng Myung ui Won Ki) and Cosmic Sounds (called Chun Moon) through self-cultivation training (called Soo Ryeon).  These two abilities are unique only to Jung Shim Association.  This Original Divine Vital Ki Energy is a vibrant and invigorating energy that comes from the Center of Great Universe.  The chanting of Cosmic Sound will attune the vibration of body and mind with Chunjon nim’s (the Great Universe’s) vibration.  When Original Divine Vital Ki Energy and Cosmic Sound harmoniously work as a principle of “yin and yang”, it works a wonder to create a new body, new mind, and new life.     

What benefits we gain:  By cultivating and purifying the body and mind, we can revitalize the body immune system, cleanse all karma, maintain the mind of virtue, attain the holistic health, and enjoy living a balanced, fulfilling life.  Then, we are able to practice more of true love, genuine caring, full justice, and unconditional acceptance for oneself and others as we become an Enlightened Spiritual Beings (known as Shin In).  With more Enlightened Spiritual Beings in our community, we finally can build the Peaceful and Happy World for everyone on earth.

Cultivation of Mind and Body: Spiritual self cultivation (called Soo Haeng) requires cultivation of mind and body thru Self-Cultivation Training (called Soo Ryeon).  Returning to the Original Nature of mind (called Won Shim Hweh Gwee) is the core of self-cultivation training.   Literately, Won means (Original), Shim means (Nature of Mind), Hweh means (return), and Gwee means (position); therefore, Won Shim Hweh Gwee means “Returning to the Original Nature of Mind”.  Nature of mind means the Divine Nature of goodness, benevolence, and love.  In other words, we are revealing or lighting up the Divine Nature of our own self, which is the Original Mind of Heaven in us.  Every human being has the Original Mind of Heaven that was implanted in each individual’s heart by Chunjon-nim and deserves our utmost respect.  Therefore, by nature, human beings are “good”.

The primary methods for cultivation: The effort of returning our minds to the Original Nature of Mind, which is the good, benevolent and beautiful mind, is our main goal.   The Chunjon- nim bestowed us with Original Divine Vital Ki Energy and Cosmic Sounds helping us to cultivate and purify the mind and the body.  Original Divine Vital Ki Energy and Cosmic sounds have power to change and transform our mind and body.  

There are three key basics for cultivating and purifying the mind and the body:
1. 12 Steps Divine Vital Ki Energy Cultivation Exercises (called Ha Nuul 12 Jin Bup):  Divine Vital Ki Energy circulation exercises strengthen the Upper, Middle, and Lower Energy Centers (also known as Chakras) as well as revitalize 365 Ki energy channels and 84, 000 Ki energy pores on the body.  It will remove the negative energy from emotional and mental chakras, purify the physical body, and increase the body immune system.  There are Three(3) Parts of trainings;  Parts 1 and 2 take 100 days and Part 3 takes 108 days to complete.  Refer to the brochure of “12 Steps Divine Vital Ki Energy Cultivation Exercises” for more detail information.

2. Chanting of Cosmic Sounds (called Chun Moon):  Chanting of Chun Moon will enhance tuning in with the Great Universe.   Chun Moons are combined with the cosmic vibrational sound and the command of Chunjon-nim (the Great Universe).   Attuning with the cosmic vibration of Great Universe will accelerate the process of cleansing and purifying the mind as well as improving the health of physical body. 

3. Meditation: This is a key process to reflect oneself, develop a peaceful mind, and achieve higher spirituality.  In order to understand the true intention of Great Universe from our own mistakes, one must know the root causes of the problem.  Meditation will help to discover the “reality” of oneself – a true picture of oneself (known as Self-Knowledge).  Meditation is a way to examine our own thinking, feeling, attitude, and motive, and to provide true understanding and acceptance of our life.  Through meditation, we become aware of what spiritual mistakes we commit, understand the meaning of the lessons behind each experience, and achieve the spiritual realization.

Brightness of Soul at the Time of Death determines the Destination in Heaven:
The reason we
must cultivate our minds, during earthly life, is that it is too difficult to
change the essence of soul and evolve to a brighter state after death.  The Creator’s
ultimate wish and expectation from human beings are to evolve and become better
beings by lighting up Divine Nature inside us.

Other Service Offerings:
Vital Ki Energy Healing Session (called Chun Soo):  This is a basic way of recharging the Original Divine Vital Ki Energy.  A Vital Ki Master uses one’s hands and a unique breathing sound to transfer Original Divine Vital Ki Energy from the Great Universe which has the power to open up energy blockages, release stagnant negative or stress energy and rejuvenate receiver’s body and mind.  This has a short term effect and benefit while “12 Steps Divine Vital Ki Energy Cultivation Exercises” has a long term benefit.

Family and Ancestors Healing and Purification Ceremony:  This is done by Ceremonial Cosmic Sounds and the work of Divinities in Heaven and Earth. The quality of healing and purification for the ancestors directly reflects on the descendant’s sincerity and grateful mindset; therefore, the state of mind and attitude of a person who is doing this spiritual ceremony is the key for taking the most benefits to oneself, family and ancestors.  

House Energy Purification:  This is also done by Ceremonial Cosmic Sounds and the work of Divinities in Heaven and Earth. This ritual ceremony will strengthen the protecting power of House Guardians and cleanse the evil or negative spirits’ influence on the house and resident.

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Vital Ki Energy of Jungshim
501 (c) 3 Non-profit Organization
for a Spiritual Growth & Energetic Healing of Mind & Body

P.O. Box 1793, New York, NY 10159

Call/Text : 212-604-9595


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